WBFF Houston - Oct 27 2018


Final Show Results for 2018 Coming Soon


Final Results  Houston 2017

Male Fitness Model
1. Mohamed Ghobary Pro Card
2. Eric Rodriguez
3. Ted Rameriz
4. Jeff Chang
5. Dugan Smith
6. Maan Elbizri
Diva Fitness Model 35+
1. Melissa Lancaster Pro Card
2. SherreKhan Jones Pro Card
3. Angela Collins
4. Cindy Byer
Diva Fitness Model Short
1. Rachel Lee Pro Card
2. Melissa Lancaster
3. Angela Collins
4. Ashley Draper
Diva Fitness Model Tall
1. SherreKhan Jones
2. Yasmine Anders
Male Muscle Model
1. Ricky Salinas Pro Card
2. Maan Elbizri
3. Mohamed Ghobary
Diva Bikini Model 35+
1. Kristen Glasscock Pro Card
2. Lorena DeLeon
3. Kim Miller Perry
4. Sandra Collard
Diva Bikini Model Short
1. Shallen Mirzababa Pro Card
2. Krista Elliot
3. Ashley Draper
4. Cleia Dodson
5.  Kim Miller Perry
Diva Bikini Model Tall
1. Kendra Pearson Pro Card
2. Emily Bestor
3. Mallory Dougoud
4. Karina Ortiz
5. Kristen Glasscock
6. Allison Hubert
Transformation World Qualifiers
Lorena DeLeon
Kathy Draper
Marci Grantland
Rosie Ramirez
Tiffaney Reardon
Tressa Story

Venue: Hobby Center For The Performing Arts

Hobby Center For The Performing Arts

Hobby Center for the Arts

800 Bagby St, Houston, TX 77002, USA

Phone: +1 713-315-2525


Tickets Available now


Tickets are now on sale for this event:

The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts

Tickets will also be on sale at the box office on show day

Purchase online Link:


Purchase by Phone:  713-315-2525.



Contestant Info

Show Level

This show is an Amateur Only show.

Categories & Divisions

For a detailed explaination of the categories, divisions, and judging criteria, please visit our categories & judging criteria page.

Womens Categories

Mens Categories

Eligiblity Requirements

The WBFF invites anyone meeting the eligibility requirements to participate in our events. We welcome all men and women of any level or ethnicity to compete with us.

  1. Contestants must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Contestants can compete in any event from any city or country in any scheduled WBFF event around the World. Some individuals from outside of North America may require an official VISA invitation letter for immigration purposes. If you require an invitation letter please apply through this form or email us at info@wbffshows.com.
  3. Signed application registration and release forms.
  4. There is no performing talent competition and no experience is necessary.
  5. Contestants are expected to book our official beauty services including tanning, hair, and makeup services.

Visa Application

Some individuals from outside of North America may require an official VISA invitation letter for immigration purposes. If you require an invitation letter please apply through this form or email us at info@wbffshows.com.


To register for this show, you may do so using any one of the following ways:

  1. Register Online: register.wbffshows.com
  2. Register By Email: info@wbffshows.com
  3. Register By Telephone: 1-877-987-WBFF

Printable Contestant Forms

Minimize your waiting time at registration day by printing and filling out these forms and bringing them with you when you sign in.

Bio Form - This is for the MC to read while you are on stage. Make it interesting, but keep it classy!

Official Beauty Services

The WBFF Official Professional Beauty Team has an extensive background in the beauty, pageant, fashion, and television industries. Please email services@wbffshows.com to book your hair, makeup, and tanning appointment.

It is mandatory that all participants use the WBFF Beauty Services, no exceptions, for hair, makeup, and tanning. This is also to ensure the highest integrity of the brand quality for all WBFF events.

Official Photography Services

Official Photography Info email us at info@wbffshows.com

Official WBFF Themewear

Email customerservice@wbffshows.com and arrange to have your themewear, costume, bikini, or dress designed.

Event Schedule

Registration & Sign-in Day
Oct 26 2018

Contestant sign-in and registration will take place on Friday Oct 26th at the Hilton Americas hotel  in Houston Texas USA

Book your room now

Group link – https://book.passkey.com/go/BlingSweatHeels2018


The dress code is strictly semi-formal. No sweats, no tank-tops, no flip-flops: dress to impress.

All contestants are expected to attend registration where they will:

  1. Sign-in
  2. Pick up their badge number
  3. Receive a show information package
  4. Submit a signed waiver form
  5. Fill out and hand in their bio form – download form

Shortly after registrations have been completed, there will be a mandatory contestant meeting where The WBFF will:

  1. State what is expected of all contestants on show day
  2. Go over the rules, regulations, and code of conduct
  3. Make sure that you know how to get to the theatre/backstage
  4. Give a run-down of the show script
  5. Answer any questions you may have

Show Day
Oct 27 2018

All contestants are expected be at the theatre an hour-and-a-half before show times.

Pre Show: 5:30
Main Show Finals: 5:30


  1. Absolutely no alcohol backstage.
  2. Backstage access strictly for contestants and WBFF crew. No exceptions.

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