Themewear Design

alexdaveyAlex Davey & Renata Massaccesi

Official WBFF Fashion & Design  Directors


Born in Brazil in 1973, Alex Davey ?rst started sketching costumes in her teens and graduate in Pan-American School of Arts – São Paulo – Brazil, initially designing creations for Rio Carnival.

Upon moving to London in 1996 along with her interests in fashion and flamboyant” ideas, she obtained a Drawing And Painting For Textile Design qualification from Central Saint Martins College of Arts And Design and has been working with London Notting Hill Carnival and countless other dance and shows events since and is now officially a part of the Head WBFF design team.

Everything is bespoke and the range includes Evening Wear, Themewear and Bikinis.

Alex Davey is delighted to be part of the WBFF team as the Offcial Designer.