The WBFF World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Inc. is a diverse lifestyle brand servicing the fitness, beauty, fashion, competitive sport, health, and wellness industries. Through event production and mass media the WBFF has successfully introduced a once niche market to a receptive global mainstream audience. We are the fastest growing  beauty and fitness organization in the industry merging fashion and beauty  in a unique and spectacular event like no other seen around the world.

Our series of events across North America and around the globe provide an arena for contestants to develop and companies in our industry to grow. The WBFF is home to some of the most facinating, glamorous and most beautiful models in the world. Professionally executed and entertaining WBFF events grow exponentially each year in production value and attendance.

The WBFF has developed a powerful network and strategic partnerships with industry insiders and key media companies forming valuable relationships to maximize growth and exposure.

For more info please email us at [email protected]