WBFF Commercial Model

***WBFF Commercial Model***

The World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Inc. Newest category


Largest component of the Modelling industry

Get the opportunity to meet some of the industry’s top photographers, talent agencies, casting directors and professionals. Do you have what it takes to make it in the world of Commercial modelling?

“Commercial modeling is one of the largest and most diverse fields of modeling, Models are used in television ads and instructional or corporate videos. This is a specialized yet lucrative area of modeling. Models may be featured in catalogues, magazine advertisements, beauty products, life style, fashion ads, and anything where a model is used to sell a product or a service. Commercial print models promote clothing/products on billboards, buses, magazines and newspapers.” Commercial models are usually very photogenic. Companies are always looking for the right look to represent their brand. The demand for  commercial models is high and companies are always looking for the best look that is unique.

WBFF Shows Entry Criteria:

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Must be at least 17 years of age
Ages 17-35 eligible to participate in this contest
Height requirement : 5’4 to 6 ft

Contestants from all around the world are eligible to enter in any WBFF event with this category


Commercial Model Rounds and Descriptions:

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Round #1 SwimwearRound – 1 piece swimsuit any style 5- 6 inch heels that match your attire

Swimsuit Round:

All Female contestants must wear a one piece bikini swimsuit, and high heels 5-6 inch classy shoes that compliment the contestant.   No thongs, lace lingerie, nylons or aerobic clothing. Each contestant will perform a t- walk or runway walk both are to be prepared and practiced. (one time only) and exit off the side of the  stage. No constant posing or dancing will be permitted. Music will be provided for all contestants. Judging will be on healthy body tone, shape, beauty marketability and overall stage presence.

Round #2 Couture Round – Model dressed in an outfit that is stylish; Polished, sleek and trendy.

Couture Round:

Contestants are required to wear an outfit in either  black, white or colour combination. Too much print is not advised on clothing as it  may become distracting.  Each contestant will be permitted to enter the top of the “T”, walk it”s length (one time only) and exit off. Each stage design will be different.  Standard runway music will be provided. No bouncy or constant posing is allowed. Contestant Judging will be on poise, posture, personality, projection, runway techniques and the ability to walk and turn gracefully.

All contestants must wear a cover up in all public areas during the competition. Disqualification may occur if contestants are found in open areas not dressed appropriately.


Event Finalists:

For each event  3-5 finalists will be selected ( depending on the size of the category) to participate in the most Glamorous show on earth The WBFF Worlds to compete for the grand prize.


More information will be provided to contestants once registration has been completed.