Competition Categories & Judging Criteria

Mens Fitness Model
Mens Muscle Model
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Diva Fitness Model
Diva Bikini Model
Diva Figure Model
 Commercial Model

WBFF  Female Shoe Guidelines

In keeping with the brand and style of the WBFF. We have implemented new guidelines to glamorize and add style and sophistication to the models on stage. It is still a 4 – 6 inch stiletto or pump, colour of choice and style is your choice. The WBFF is all about fashion so keep it stylish and classy. Let your shoes compliment your wardrobe. These new guidelines are for all female models in all categories across the WBFF.



Specific  Tanning Guidelines with the WBFF

To all contestants  of the WBFF. We want to set forth more straightforward guidelines for the WBFF tanning for the stage.  The WBFF in partnership with industry professionals has created a patented  official tanning formula for WBFF events.  The desired look  for males and females are  a more natural and presentable look on stage.  Something that accents the body of the contestant.  Sometimes a deep  looking tan can actually affect the overall natural look of an individual. If you have any questions about the tanning please do not hesitate to contact us. This is only a way to enhance the quality and brand of the WBFF and the look of WBFF models and competitors. [email protected] These guidelines will be strictly enforced in all events for the season.

WBFF  Shoe Guidelines:

In line with the WBFF female contestants are strongly encouraged to choose a classy style pair of shoes that compliment themselves and their  show attire.

Clear stilettos are no longer considered acceptable  show wardrobe.   The WBFF Organization prefers a shoe style that   is more stylish and classy.   Any style, colour, or stones etc. that fit the attire  are allowed. 4 – 6 inch is still the max height that is suggested.

shoe guideline

Eligibility Requirements
WBFF Inc. encourages all men and woman meeting the eligibility requirements to participate.  We welcome all competitors of any ethnicity or decent to compete with us from around the world.   Eligibility Requirements

    • Contestants must be at least  18 years of age of any decent.
    • Contestants can compete in any event from any city or country in any scheduled WBFF events around the World. Some countries may require an official VISA invitation letter for immigration purposes.
    • Competition registration fees are required in order to compete in each event
    • Signed application registration and release forms. Available through the WBFF website or email [email protected] – You will receive forms if you are a registered contestant closer to show time.
    • There is no performing talent competition and no experience is necessary. We welcome and encourage beginners to experience the WBFF.
    • We encourage all levels to come and compete and experience a positive and professional experience.
    • You are able to compete in more than one category in a WBFF event ( crossover registration )


As a contestant, you will be judged in different categories depending on the competition category. See judging criteria  below and guidelines set forth by the WBFF Organization for Male and female categories.


Categories: Male Fitness Model

  • Mens WBFF trunks  round
  • Eveningwear/Runway round

Male Fitness Model Judging Criteria:

The WBFF will be judging males on their masculine style, marketability and stage presence; Male models will also be judged on their ability to display their character, style and self-confidence.
Males will be expected to show off their physical attributes, that project a fit and healthy lifestyle; A lean, well-proportioned toned and healthy looking body is the look that is wanted.
40%- Overall Marketability
40%- Physique
20%- Stage Presence

Male Fitness Model

Swimsuit round: Square cut WBFF exclusivly designed  shorts are the suggested choice for Male Fitness Model contestants

Evening Wear Round:
All male contestants are required to wear formal attire. Jeans and a tshirt are unacceptable, and will be marked down. All males are expected to present themselves in a runway style fashion for this category. Couture  GQ  style dress is suggested.
Male Fitness Model Rounds:  2 Rounds

  • Round #1: Mens swim trunk round
  • Round #2: Runway Round  Evening Wear
  • Choice of footwear is up to discretion of competitor.

Male Muscle Model: 1 Round

  • Round #1: Physique round Square cut WBFF trunks
  • Square cut exclusive WBFF Mens trunks are the suggested choice for Male Muscle Model contestants. There is only one round for this competition.

This category is for the athlete who is too big to be considered as a  fitness model  but does display muscle definition and more size, Muscle Model, men are judged on overall physique, conditioning and overall balance of physique, muscle definition.

.  This category is judged based on a 60/ 40 split. Males can also choose to crossover into Fitness Model.

60% based on the  physical physique

40% overall marketability and stage presence.

Female Diva Fitness Model Criteria:

Female Diva Fitness Model:

  • 2 piece Bikini round
  • Themewear round


Female Diva Fitness Model Attire Expectations:
Themewear Round:  As a WBFF Fitness Model we require female competitors to bring a creative , and glamorous themewear to the stage.  Different ideas include Angel  Glamour , Vegas Show Girls, any MET GALA Fashion inspired creative theme.  This round should not become confused with a sportswear  theme round. This is definitely a very creative and glamorous round for the female delegates to display their beauty and conditioning while adding a component of fashion and beauty.
Diva Fitness Bikini Suit:

Any colour pattern and style. As it is conservatively presentable. Thong style or any other inappropriate bottoms that fit too small on the bottom  is absolutley not permitted.

What Exactly Is A DIVA?!?!
According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary:

A diva is a great or famous woman. A female deity. 2. A woman who is adored, especially for her beauty. ‘Diva” is the Italian word for “goddess” the feminine form of the Italian word divus (= “GOD”) .
Contestants for the Fitness Diva Model category are being judged on their sense of style, poise, overall beauty and stage presence as well as display a fit and toned physique. Fitness Diva Models will be expected to walk on stage in particular pattern which will be explained at the athletes meeting the evening prior to the competition (t walk style walk). Competitors must be able to present themselves in a classy feminine and tasteful way that is marketable. There will be 2 categories to this competition which include:

  • Round #1: Themewear round, preliminary show (example: Victoria’s Secret style themewear must compliment the competitors physique. See above suggestions )
  • Round #2:  2 piece Bikini round

40%- Overall Marketability
40%-Body Tone
20%- Stage Presence, Poise, Confidence


Diva Bikini Model Criteria:

The Diva Bikini Model is primarily a beauty contest. Female contestants are judged upon their overall beauty,  body shape and tone. This competition consists of two rounds, bikini round, and Evening gown Runway  round.

Female Diva Bikini Model Attire Expectations:

2 piece Bikini Suit

Attention is focused on beauty of face, figure, physical fitness, and the confidence with which each contestant carries herself.

Any color pattern and style. As it is conservatively  presentable. Thong style bottoms  or any other inappropriate bikini wear  is absolutly not allowed.
Evening Gown: The following are guidelines and expectations set forth by the WBFF. Each delegate wears a gown she has chosen for herself. Attention is focused on each contestant”s overall appearance, self-confidence, sense of style and the beauty she brings to the gown of her choice.
Long gown length that falls below ankles. Any style, fabric, beads and sequins is acceptable. It is suggested that the female competitor  chooses  a gown that best displays  their personality but also  a gown that is  fashionable and couture. (Too much patterning  is not advised.)

Round #1: Bikini Round two piece any style that best compliments your body
Round #2: Evening Gown Round- Gown must be classy form fitted and long , any style.


WBFF Womans  Diva Figure Model Criteria:
The WBFF judging criteria for the figure category is as follows. There are two rounds which are judged, the Symmetry Round and Group Comparisons round as well as the second Themewear Round. There is no routine round in the WBFF figure competition. Females are encouraged to display their body  in a graceful and feminine way which represents a desirably lean and healthy lifestyle; a look that is more natural, sexy, and athletic.

Female Figure Two Piece suit Guidelines:
A two piece bikini is the only requirement for this competition category. Any color pattern and style. As it is conservatively  presentable. Thong style or any other inappropriate two piece bikini suit  is absolutly not allowed.
There is no music required for the figure ladies to prepare and hand in for this competition category!
Round 1: Symmetry Round
In this round competitors are expected to wear a two piece swimsuit and 4 -6 inch  stiletto heels that are stylish and classy. Competitors will be required to perform a series of quarter turns to their right, which will be directed by the head judge. All sides of their physique will be compared for symmetry, aesthetics, and presentation
Round 2: Comparisons Round
In this round competitors are expected to wear a two piece bikini that compliments their personal style, see below. Competitors will be judged against others in their category, based on athleticism by assessing the degree of firmness, symmetry, proportion and the overall healthy physical appearance including complexion, poise and overall presentation. Each height class will compete in a separate category.
Figure Classes- There may be one or two in a particular event. See below

  • Figure Open
  • Figure 35+

***Female Commercial Model***


The World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Inc’s newest category

Get the opportunity to meet some of the  industries  top photographers, talent agencies, casting directors and professionals. Do you have what it takes to make it in the world of commercial modelling?

“Commercial modeling is one of the largest most diverse fields of modeling, Models are used in television ads and instructional or corporate videos. This is a very specialized but lucrative area of modeling.   Models may be featured in catalogues/ magazine advertisements modeling, beauty products, life style, fashion ads, and anything where a model is used in an ad to sell a product or a service. Commercial print models promote clothing/products on billboards, buses, magazines and newspapers.”

Entry Criteria:


Must be at least 17 years of age

Ages 17-36 eligible to compete in this contest

Height requirement : 5’6 to 5’11

Males:( If offered in a particular event)

Must be at least 18 years of age

Ages 18-36 eligible to compete in this contest

Height requirement : 5’9 to 6’2

Guidelines and Submission:

All preliminary potential entrants are asked to register through

All ethnicities and individuals are welcome.

You can also register by email  [email protected]  subject line: Commercial Model Entry Registration

1.)    Name, Age, Height,

2.)    Your Contact  telephone and email address

  1.  1 headshot to be emailed is desired.
  2.  Smartphone photos are acceptable and preferred.  The more original  and untouched the better.
  3. Please do not submit nude photos.


Competition Stage Guidelines:

All selected finalists will be expected to model in front of a panel of esteemed judges on stage

Contestants will be expected to model in two rounds 

Round #1: Full piece swimwear for female and square cut posing shorts  for males

Round two: Fashion Attire Couture Round- Stylish outfit that is stylish , fashionable and fun.

Must show ability to display confidence and marketability

2014-09-26 16.20.47

Models will also be required to perform quarter turns for the judges.


WBFF Height Categories

There is short and tall height categories for females 5’4 and under is short class. Anything over 5’4 is tall class.  There are no weight limitations for Male or Female Model categories. We do provide music for all of Model categories of the event.
NOTE: To clarify the Fitness Model categories, Male and Female Categories are being named differently, Male Fitness Model – Female Fitness Diva Model. All judging criteria’s are the same, nothing has changed but the name of the category.
There is no music required for the male and female models to prepare to hand in for this competition category!

Other components that will be judged include the following:

  • Overall  tone, body lines /balance
  • Grace and presentation
  • Skin tone
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Suit selection and shoe choice

Other Information for WBFF Competitors:
WBFF Official Backstage Rules

All contestants for the safety of all are not permitted to have guests attend with them backstage.

No alcohol is permitted at any WBFF event. This is not the image we want to portray. Contestants caught with alcohol will be disqualified.

All contestants and delegates are responsible for their personal belongings. Please be selective in regards to what you bring to an event or workshop. The WBFF or venues will not be held responsible for lost or stolen articles.

There is limited access backstage. There are no trainers, friends, family members or assistants allowed in the backstage area. WBFF shows run  professionally,  show and therefore need everything to work efficiently backstage. Please have everything prepared before you arrive.  This is also a safety protocol for all contestants.
All athletes are expected to respect their fellow competitor, we want to create a positive atmosphere backstage where everyone can feel comfortable and at ease.  The WBFF will not tolerate inexcusable behaviour backstage.  Please help out one another to make the whole event a positive and memorable event for all.
Skin, Tanning :
An even tone tan is suggested.  Consult professionals to help achieve best results possible. The WBFF works with their official tanning partners to ensure their competitors are taken care of.  A tan that is not too dark or black is especially suggested.  A natural healthy look is what the goal should be for each contestant. (especially for the Fitness model and bikini model categories)  Email the WBFF for more info  [email protected]
Skin oils should also be avoided, as a natural even look is   preferred over a look that is too greasy and oily.
Footwear for All WBFF Female Competitors:
Clear  5-6 inch stiletto heels or skin toned heels suggested. Females can choose to wear other footwear that may coordinate with their themewear  for the Diva Fitness Model competition.
Accessories to help compliment the outfit or bikini are accepted. Chandelier earrings or bangles are acceptable. Anything that may become distracting should be avoided.
Appropriate Props can also be used for Female Fitness Model categories. Using people as props is not permitted  for WBFF events.

  • Hair:
    May be worn any style,  no distracting hair pieces/hats should be worn.
  • Jewelry:
    May be worn, distracting jewelry should not be worn. Chandelier earrings are permitted in all female categories however should not be touching shoulders.
  • Suits:
    No thongs or g-strings allowed, bikini suit  must compliment your body. Scrunch bottoms are permitted as long as they are fitted appropriately. See seperate category recommendations.
  • Competitor numbers:
    Will be given out at the contestants welcome and sign in meeting the evening before all WBFF events. Buttons should be placed on the left hip in order for judges to read competitors numbers clearly. If you are in two categories you will be given a number for each category
  • Music:
    Is not needed for any Female/Male Model categories or Figure, we will provide music.

The winners may not score the highest in any one particular category but will do well in all events combined. They will be women and men who possess the entire package of personality, intelligence poise,  Fitness and beauty/marketability. They should understand that, along with the prizes and glamour, there comes a responsibility to the WBFF Corporation, sponsors, community and to the Fitness Community. They automatically and instantly become role models. It is certain to be a year of personal growth and maturing that money cannot buy.