FAQ’S For   World Beauty Fitness and Fashion

The Worlds Most Beautiful People

1) Why should I consider competing with the WBFF? How is it different from any other out there?
The WBFF is different from any other organization out there to date.

It was founded by a professional  athlete, so we understand the needs as well as the ups and downs of all  competitors. We will utilize our relationships with all our partners to create sponsorship and marketing opportunities for the competitors and all of its members, in an industry that is constantly growing. Our events are second to none and they are the most professionally produced shows in the industry.

2) Who can compete in WBFF events ?
Any individuals at any level are invited to compete in our events. From amateur to Pro level.  Any questions you have pertaining to your competition prep will be provided to you. Just email us with any inquiries [email protected]

Amateur Athletes-Yes, the WBFF allows any of  its members to compete in any event they choose as an amateur athlete. As an amateur athlete you cannot be suspended from competing with multiple organizations.

WBFF Pro Athletes-  WBFF  Pro athletes are exclusive  to the WBFF upon choice of the individual. The WBFF  hold  Pro Status with  high regard.

3) If I win an amateur category , will I obtain “Pro Status”?

A competitor who competes in our show and wins the overall once decided by judges will obtain professional  status, and be awarded their WBFF Pro Card if they display the qualities of a WBFF Pro.

4.) Are contestants  allowed to use props and costumes?

Yes, we encourage our contestants  to be creative in order to add entertainment value to the event. However the specific types of props and costumes must be approved by the WBFF prior to any show. There are no types of confetti permitted for the stage performance due to health and safety hazards.

5.)I would like to compete in more than one category will I have enough time to do both?

Yes you will have time to compete in more than one Model Search.   For example ither Fitness Model or Bikini Model. Contestants can do crossovers. Transformation and Commercial model  is not considered as a crossover category.

6.) For all questions please email us direct at [email protected] and we look forward to assisting you in answering your questions.


If you require any other info email us at  [email protected]  we look forward to welcoming you to the WBFF stage.  Register Online   http://register.wbffshows.com